Project Management

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Projects are what we do and we do them well.

The Project Initiation Document is our management plan that describes what must be done, project responsibilities, when and where events must happen and how the project and its deliverables will be controlled.


Our team of trained professionals use the latest project management techniques and technology to collaborate with you during the project planning stage.

Our client’s project program is the document that forms the core of our project planning. We put special emphasis in understanding and meeting our client’s requirements in this area. Electrotech Systems use of 3D/BIM (Building Information Management) coordination for MEPS Systems provides an additional level of cost efficiency that reduces services equipment clashes and improves time cycles for project schedules.


Our project execution produces the deliverables for the project as outputs performed to accomplish the project work planned and scheduled in the project management plan.

Our commitment to best practice in project management means that we audit every work face and every employee every day for safety, quality and efficiency. This practice delivers a safe work environment producing a quality cost effective product that meets our client’s requirements.


Project control and validation is at the core of our management systems and provides a point of differentiation from our competitors.

The flow of information from the work face to our project management team is our key to success in controlling project deliverables. Our quality management system provides the validation our clients require to assure them of strict compliance to project quality standards.


Internal management’s evaluation of project performance is done in collaboration with the client as part of our project closure process and guarantees client satisfaction.

Our project closure processes establish the procedures we use to coordinate activities needed to verify and document the project deliverables to formalise acceptance by the client.

Electrotech Systems provides comprehensive project management system, starting from project initiation and throughout the construction process to project completion.

We provide expert engineering and electro technology services for a constantly evolving world. Electrotech Systems utilise best practice project management systems, and technical excellence to give constructors and owners a partner they can count on.

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