Core ValuesLeading electro technology company

Our strong and enduring reputation is built upon our people and the following guiding principles:

Conduct Business with Trust and Integrity: Through honest and fair conduct we will build strong, mutual-trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. We judge our success on the longevity of these relationships.

Deliver the Best in Customer Service: “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our mantra. There can be no compromise on quality. Our success is based upon honouring our commitments and providing customers with quality cost effective product on time, every time.

Deal Fairly with Suppliers: We believe in fairness. This means that we build lasting relationships through repeat business. We believing in paying on time and strive to be our suppliers best customer.

Promote safety: Our safety systems are the foundation of our business. Safety is our number one priority and because of this we have an enviable safety record. We intend to keep it that way.

Support our people: We aim to hire and keep the best employees. We provide a positive environment, challenging opportunities and a share in the success of the business.

Employee Sound Business Judgement: Through planning and management, we make decisions that sustain the financial strength and profitability necessary to be an industry leader.

Efficiency: We are committed to delivering results through performance with the least waste. Consequently we offer solutions that compress deadlines by eliminating the loss of production time.

Service Improvement: All our technical and business systems are audited continually to adhere to our policy of continual improvement.

Core Values
 Electrotech Systems is dedicated to delivering quality cost effective electro technology solutions.